Developed by the thriving martech agency Next14, Rosetta is instrumental in helping businesses grow by providing practical cross-device solutions to expand brand-customer connections.

Next14’s technology enables brands, agencies and publishers to identify the same user on different devices – mobile, tablet, desktop or TV – so they can deliver personalised experiences that drive engagement and conversion. 

Rosetta is a cross-device solution that helps businesses to generate their proprietary identity graph and connect digital identifiers through considerable channels. Marketers understand their customers’ behaviour and track the ROI of marketing campaigns.

This groundbreaking technology enables companies to build an accurate picture of individual users, working only with the clients’ first-party data to avoid infringing privacy concerns.

Next14’s proprietary algorithm is based on machine learning techniques along with our extensive experience in online advertising analytics & marketing optimization solutions for some of the world’s largest companies

How it can be used


Enables each partner to build its own proprietary identity graph, starting from their 1st party data.


Linking online cookies, emails to mobile identifiers and vice versa for audience extension across different media channels.


Analysing the behaviour of your online and offline customers, including where they live, what they buy in retail shops, leisure activities, and more.

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The Technology

Our proprietary algorithm is based on a social network referencing algorithm that finds relevant matches between IP-based IDs and twenty-four other variables such as device, online behaviour, work and home location.

Main Advantages

Our software empowers companies to grow the expandability of their proprietary Identity Graphs and increase their reach even when deterministic graphs are insufficient.


You can learn more about our cross-device solution by downloading a free white paper describing our industry trends, ID resolution technology, and algorithm.

    We are a registered TCF Vendor and we do support IAB TCF standard